Power Steering

Get your car under control with a power steering flush

Keep your car safe and easy to drive with a power steering flush from our professional team.

Maintain your power steering system with a flush
Your car’s power steering system makes it easy for you to drive. It allows you to turn and navigate your car quietly and with ease. If your power steering fluid becomes contaminated, it can lead to squeaking, difficulty driving, and even a complete breakdown of the power steering system.

Avoid these problems by coming to us for a power steering flush. Your system should be flushed every 75,000 miles, although it can vary between vehicles. It may need to be performed sooner if you notice squeaking or other noises, as well as, increased difficulty when driving.

Choose the right team for the job
When you come to us for a lube job or oil change, we’ll automatically check your power steering fluid. If it needs to be replaced or replenished, we can do that for you. All procedures will only be performed with your authorization.

BG products are used during your power steering flush for the quality you expect. Your flush will be performed quickly by our team, so you can get your car back on the road again.