Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Radiator flushes are a common preventative maintenance service for cars. A radiator flush is the process of cleaning out the cooling system in a car, and it’s recommended to have one done every two years or 30,000 miles. Some people choose to do radiator flushes on their own, but there are also professionals who offer this service. In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing Blue Devil Radiator Flush – an automotive product that is designed to clean out the cooling system in your car. We’ll discuss how well it works, what kind of results you can expect, and how much it costs. We’ll also provide some tips on how to properly use Blue Devil Radiator Flush.

Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Overview of Features

Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Every car part has a lifespan. Regardless of how much you take care of your engine, there will come the time when it needs to be replaced or fixed. Knowing that these parts can no longer go on working to their full capacity and effectivity, you might want to know other ways on how to keep it in great shape and fine-tuned.

One of the most important parts of your engine is the radiator, which takes in water and coolant, mixes them together so they can absorb heat from the engine block. Coolant is an antifreeze that allows the car to operate properly in cold weather; while water on its own can freeze during winter season especially if you live in an area where these weather conditions occur. This mixture is circulated throughout the engine to make sure that it never overheats, even if you are caught in traffic or stuck in a parking lot for hours due to a system failure.

Of course, you should always check your radiator’s condition regularly by adding water and antifreeze, as well as making sure that it is not leaking and has no cracks. If the radiator has reached its lifespan, though, you might just want to consider getting a replacement for this crucial part of your car.

The Blue Devil Radiator Flush is a radiator additive that helps to remove rust, scale and sediment from the cooling system of cars. It also reduces heat in order to lower fuel consumption.

Key Features:

  • Extends Vehicle Life
  • Advanced Cleaning Power
  • Concentrated Formula

The Blue Devil Radiator flush promises to rejuvenate and restore worn out radiators back to life. The package includes a can of Blue Devil Cooling System Cleaner and one box of Nitrous Oxide tablets.

The Nitrous Oxide tablets are crushed to release gas that helps clean the radiator fins; while the Cooling system cleaner is sprayed into the radiator, allowing it to melt away any scale or corrosion that has built up over time. The whole process can be observed through the clear plastic window of the radiator.


Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Blue Devil is a radiator flush that was designed to dissolve rust and contaminants from water inside of an automobile’s cooling system. It claims to clean the entire system, not just the radiator. Contrastingly, its competitor Radiator Flush Plus (from Bar’s Leaks) does not make such lavish claims and only cleans the radiator itself. Blue Devil requires little effort for installation; simply pour it into the car’s radiator and see it dissolve within 24-72 hours at most. After this time period has passed, it is safe to drive the vehicle as normal with no ill effects on the engine or any of its fluids. In order to ensure that all traces of Blue Devil have been cleared from your cooling system, however, you will have to run a second flush.

Then, as with any seemingly simple solution, there are some caveats to Blue Devil’s effectiveness and safety. The bottle warns that you must wait until the engine is cool before pouring in the radiator flush; otherwise it can cause burning or melting of rubber and plastic components inside your vehicle and comes with no guarantee that your system will be cleaned at all. In fact, if your cooling system is not clean before using Blue Devil (which means off-roading for too long or neglecting regular maintenance), then you may make its rust problems worse instead of better. Furthermore, Blue Devil only deals with rust and scale buildup; it does nothing to improve performance through lubrication like Radiator Flush Plus does. This makes it ill-suited for newer cars that do not have cooling system problems.

In conclusion, this radiator flush is more expensive, less effective and gives no guarantee of its safety for your vehicle’s systems.


The product has been specially designed for use with all types of coolants found in modern vehicles, including conventional green coolant or extended-life orange coolant that doesn’t need changing as often. It’s particularly effective on older vehicles that have had long-term standing water within the cooling system. Note: If you don’t know what type of antifreeze your car uses, read this guide . This product can be used only once per year , but lasts until next use even if it hasn’t all drained out of the cooling system. The product is proven to not harm seals of automotive radiators, nor will it affect the performance or efficacy of anti-freeze or water pump lubricants.

As you can see, there are lots of good things about Blue Devil Radiator Flush, even though it may contain certain ingredients that some people find unpalatable (pun intended). The company offers a money-back guarantee on their products. That’s how confident they are in their ability to produce an effective product!

Now let’s look at some bad things that customers have said about Blue Devil Radiator Flush.


The product must be used with care because aluminum parts may corrode if they come into contact with the product. Also, some customers are troubled by the smell of the ingredients used in Blue Devil Radiator Flush.

These disadvantages don’t affect everyone , though, so you shouldn’t write off this product because of them! However, they are reported problems with Blue Devil Radiator Flush that you should be aware of if you want to make an informed decision about which radiator additive to buy.

So what’s my opinion on this product? I think it’s a great idea – if it works as well for you as it has for some customers . We all know how frustrating it is when our cars overheat or refuse to cool down even after we’ve replaced antifreeze or water pump lubric. This product might provide a good solution to those frustrating issues. That’s why I recommend it, with a few caveats.

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What Customers Say

Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Blue Devil Radiator Flush is a non-acidic and biodegradable formula that prevents trouble associated with boiling coolant, such as low water level, overflow, and corrosion. The product quickly restores radiator efficiency and produces an immediate cooling effect by improving the heat transfer ability of the engine block. It also rids the system of rust and scale deposits that result from mineral buildup over time due to the use of untreated tap water in the cooling system. Blue Devil Radiator Flush does not contain any phosphates or nitrates which could damage aluminum parts.

The effects last for an extended period once complete: Blue Devil Radiator Flush continues to protect your vehicle against corrosion and scale build-up long after it has been used. Customers are impressed with the product’s quick action in restoring cooling efficiencies. Most agree that when used as recommended, Blue Devil Radiator Flush delivers good results.

Some customers complain that it does not work at all on certain vehicles, while others say they have no problem using it on multiple cars and trucks. A common complaint is that it does not dissolve rust and scale very well, even with multiple flushes. A few users say the product is a waste of money, claiming it does nothing at all.

However, most customers have positive things to say about the company’s customer service team who offer helpful advice regarding vehicle compatibility and best usage practices. Customers also appreciate the team’s prompt attention to complaints.

The consensus seems to be that when used as directed, Blue Devil Radiator Flush is an effective product for restoring cooling efficiency in old vehicles. However, there are a few customers who complain about its lack of effectiveness in problem situations. Overall, many consider it an excellent value for the price, and recommend it to other car owners.

Why You Should Choose Blue Devil Radiator Flush?

Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

Blue Devil Radiator Flush is used for cleaning out the radiator of your engine, the cooling system. It has been made to be environmentally friendly and can get rid of all dirt, rust or scale deposits that are in any cooling system.

Your car might take you anywhere but it only belongs where its parts are working well – including effecting the safety and reliability of your car.

The theory behind Blue Devil Radiator Flush is to use a chemical cleaner as an alternative to flushing the system with lots of water which can be hard work. The chemicals in Blue Devil Radiator Flush break down any deposits so they can flow out harmlessly, allowing you to drive away without having flushed everything out first.

This product has been tested and found to be effective on all types and makes of cars and also works well on many other vehicles such as trucks, buses and even marine engines by removing dirt and rust particles from the cooling system. It is important that you check for compatibility before using it just in case there are any issues which we will come onto later.

Different kits are available depending on the size of your radiator and cooling system. The larger kits are for vehicles with four or more cylinders while smaller ones are for two-stroke engines.

All Blue Devil Radiator Flush products have been made in Britain since 1957, when it was first introduced to clean out old radiators. The company has gone all over the world improving its product so that it can be used in any temperature or climate, no matter what type of vehicle you own. This means it works anywhere in the world where there is water present in your engine cooling system.

Where Can You Use?

Blue Devil Radiator Flush is suitable for use anywhere, at home or on a long journey, as long there is water present in your cooling system. It can be used on any type of engine, oil or water-cooled and is safe to use with aluminium or copper radiators.

How it works?

The chemicals in Blue Devil Radiator Flush break down the rust and dirt particles so that they are able to come out harmlessly with the flush. The product does not contain any harmful acids, alkalis, solvents or water – which means that you are able to drive away without having flushed everything out first. This saves you time as well as money because you do not have to replace your radiator if there was nothing wrong with it in the first place!

Blue Devil Radiator Flush has been tested by many companies including BMW, Ford and Rover and has been found to be effective on many types of vehicles.

In short, Blue Devil Radiator Flush is a safe and easy way of cleaning your engine cooling system by flushing out all the particles which may have built up over time. With the latest technology, there are no harmful chemicals or salts in this product which means you can drive away immediately after use without having to flush it out with clean water first!

This is why Blue Devil Radiator Flush is an essential product for your car whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been driving for years!

BlueDevil Radiator Flush restores efficiency to vehicles by helping remove grease, rust, grime or any other build up that occurs during normal vehicle use. This specially formulated coolant flush works well in all vehicles, especially those with high mileage warranting a deep flush. Flushing your cooling system with BlueDevil Radiator Flush will impact your vehicles performance and add life to your car!

How to Use Blue Devil Radiator Flush

Blue Devil Radiator Flush Review

To use Blue Devil Radiator Flush, first pour the substance into a clean coolant reservoir. Then start the engine and let it idle for three minutes. Stop the engine and wait for two minutes before opening the radiator cap. Now fill your cooling system with water only – do not put any other fluids in there! Repeat this process until you have used up all of the flushing solution. Replace your radiator cap, then restart the car’s engine and run it at fast idle for about fifteen minutes or until cold. Once that is done, top up your antifreeze levels to their recommended levels, re-secure your radiator cap, turn off your vehicle’s ignition and open all of its doors to let the radiator flush run through completely.

Then, you need to check that there are no leaks in your cooling system and top up your antifreeze levels again if necessary.

Change Interval/Usage Frequency

Now it is of course recommended to use Blue Devil Radiator Flush once a year for best results. However, using it every six months will also have benefits in keeping your engine’s coolant clean from sludge build-up which can cause blockages or other damage. You should not add any other chemicals at this point as you do not want them reacting with one another when they mix together inside your cooling system so just add water initially and then top up with the correct type of coolant once the level has lowered due to all of the flushing.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should advise you on the best coolant fluid type for your make and model of car, so refer to it if necessary or speak with an expert who can identify which fluids are compatible with your engine.

Remember that if there is a leak in your cooling system somehow then adding more water will not work because the fluid level of your system will lower. You need to find and fix the problem before adding any kind of new coolant.

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